JYPE Press Conference with Fans

27 Feb

Pada tanggal 27 Februari, seperti yang telah direncanakan, JYP Entertainment akan mengadakan press conference yang dihadiri oleh 10 orang wakil dari fans, wakil-wakil dari JYPE, dan member-member 2PM.

2PM, Internal troubles with Jaebum’s permanent withdrawal ‘agreement’?
One entertainment associate “One of the team members, confronting company”

2PM Conference, ‘Members vs Company’ rise up of opposing forces?

Last 25th news of ‘Jaebum’s Permanent Withdrawal’ hit the entertainment world with a heavy blow and amidst this, 2PM’s company JYP Entertainemnt (JYP) carried on the fan conference as planned and the issue is drawing attention.

On the 27th from 3PM in the whereabouts of a Soeul Songpagoo Moonjungdong shopping mall the conference was to be held with all the 2PM members, associates of JYP, and 10 representatives of fans, but no at 4:30{m it has been known that only 4 members of 2PM were present.

Also, though it was formerly decided that only the selected fans would attend the conference, after Jaebum’s ‘Permanent Withdrawal” release, fans including those of the ‘Hottest’ members came saying they would listen to JYP’s explanation.

Broadcast Producer Mo “I heard the news from a source at the conference through a text” and “There are only 4 members of 2PM present” and “The members are showing different opinions from what the company previously stated ‘(presented officially on the 25th) The team unanimously agreed to Jaebum’s permanent withdrawal’ ”

Furthermore he revealed “A mood has been perceived that amongst the members there may be an ‘Additional withdrawal’ of A-goon”

Prior known information omitted


Menurut sumber, hanya 4 orang member 2PM yang menghadiri konferensi tersebut, dan dikabarkan bahwa para member 2PM menunjukkan reaksi yang saling bertentangan dengan pernyataan JYPE pada tanggal 25 silam yang menyebutkan bahwa mereka telah mencapai kesepakatan bersama untuk memberhentikan Park Jaebeom dari 2PM.

=”= urghh this is getting even more depressing! I hope everything will go well for both parties 😦

Jay Park, we will always support u no matter what… 1:59PM, fans still love you 😦

More updates coming soon.

source : 2ONEDAY

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