Transcript of JYPE’s conference about 2PM

2 Mar

I’ve just read the transcript on allkpop and I’m too heartbroken to bother translating it to Indonesian.

Transcript of JYPE’s conference about 2PM.

Here’s my 2cent :

1. The fans were RUDE. Okay, mungkin emang suasana hati mereka lagi kacau saat itu, yang nggak mengherankan lahh karena this whole Jaebeom shit fiasco is only getting worse and worse and worse on EVERY MINUTE UPDATES. Tapi, bukannya konferensi ini digelar untuk memenuhi keinginan para fans juga? Fans bertanya, dan member2 2PM menjawab. Tapi dari transkrip yang Pandoracat baca, fans tetap aja merasa nggak puas dengan jawaban dari 2PM. So what’s the point of asking if however they answer wont meet your standard? Dan kalo memang jawaban dari 2PM sangat tidak memuaskan, ya nggak perlu dong berlaku kasar dan marah2 sama 2PM. The point is, they have given their answers. Dan fans juga nggak dapat mengharapkan kalau jawaban dari mereka itu 100% jujur, karena 2PM masih terikat kontrak dengan JYPE dan apapun yang mereka katakan, they COULDNT COMPROMISE THE COMPANY.

2. True. I’m a hardcore Jaebeom and 2PM fans. I support Jaebeom more than 1:59PM. Dan jawaban dari para anggota 2PM yang menyatakan kalau Jaebeom is lacking as a leader sounds like BETRAYAL. Mereka bilang Jaebeom telah melakukan sebuah kesalahan BESAR. Come to think of it, Kangin from Suju almost KILL a man and yet SME KEEPS HIM SECURE AND SAFE. WHY CANT 2PM AND JYPE DO THE SAME TO JAEBEOM? ==” We want to know the truth behind this, but I guess we will never get the chance to actually learn about it…

3. What Woo Young said..i think is very true.. Honestly, Woo Young’s statements are the only meaningful and looks-like-he’s-honest one…

4. I dont know anymore whether to keep supporting 1:59PM or not. What i know is I’m still on Jay’s side on this.

5. Bersamaan dengan munculnya berita ini, 2ONEDAY juga telah memposting berita mengenai salinan khotbah Pastor di Gereja Jay di Seattle.

Right now, there is someone who is by my side that is also suffering from unspeakable false accusations. He is suffering from all sorts of rumors and gossipers. To save their own honor, they are making a young man and his parents suffer. It may look bad now, and even though you feel falsely accused, if you just trust and follow the way that God is leading you, it will turn out to be the fastest shortcut. When you feel falsely accused, you need to place your complete trust in God, who is creating the bigger picture. This is because God’s way of thinking is different from the way humans think. You could resolve it by retaliating like regular people. You could also resolve it by explaining. However, none of these solutions can completely resolve false accusations. Nevertheless, later on, when you look back at the way God has led you, it will have been the shortcut not to false accusations, but the shortcut to receiving blessings.

Amen to that, Father.

🙂 So fans, stop with the war.. Jay is with the people who truly loves him now. He doesnt need JYPE. He doesnt need 1:59PM.

As long as he has us, fans, and his beloved ones wherever he is, I’m sure happiness will always be with him.

source : allkpop & 2ONEDAY


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