Random Post #1 : BEAST

4 Mar

So, let’s have some random BEAST-ly biased post, shall we? XD

I’ve been loving this group ever since Mystery (I was mesmerized by MBLAQ “OH YEAH” during their BAD GIRL promotion so I took less notice to BEAST at that time..but yeah, you know how rivalry works hahahaaa..but now…. I’m head over heels for these 6 charming boys woot woot!).

Jadi, dari berita yang Pandoracat dapat di fanforum BEAST, single terbaru mereka yang berjudul “SHOCK” saat ini tengah menduduki posisi #5 pada chart CYWORLD. That’s not bad eh, considering it’s only the 1st week, and they’re already at the top 5! XD

Here’s the recap of “SHOCK”‘s position at other music charts :

BUGS: #2

BGM: #2

MELON: #11 ^^ (the tough one!)



NAVER: #39

MNET: #39


B2UTY@B2ST Rising; dujunseob@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

Ahh that’s aweshumm! Sementara itu choreo untuk SHOCK juga menerima banyak perhatian dari para pengamat musik dan dunia hiburan Korea. Pandoracat nggak heran, karena memang grup yang satu ini selalu punya choreo yang keren untuk setiap single yang mereka promosikan. Contohnya aja choreo buat Mystery yang cool abissss XD dan jangan lupa choreonya AJ di Dancing Shoes..LUV AJ!!

Memang sih waktu pertama debut, Pandoracat lebih cenderung ke MBLAQ (of course!! How can you deny the charming charisma that is Lee Joon! LOL). Menurut Pandoracat, “Oh Yeah” yang walopun sangat3x repetitif, masih lebih adiktif dibandingkan “Bad Girl”. And I hate BEAST’s outfits in Bad Girl. I hate Yooseobie’s hair back then too. That yellow hair only suits DBSK’s Jaejoong! Why would GD or Hongki or Seung Hot (MBLAQ leader, in case you have no idea who this is, but now Seung Hot already has much smexxier hair and looks..yumyum) or Yooseobie think that the haircolor would match them? Dx

But BEAST really got me with Mystery. Shame they dont film the MV for that track. IMO they shouldve promoted that one instead of Bad Girl ^^. So I can be a fans much sooner kekekee..

During BAD GIRL promotion, Pandoracat cuma tertarik sama AJ (SMEXXXXXIIIIII!!) dan Doo Joon (HOTTIE LEADER!!).But during Mystery, I become attached to everyone of them LOL. Especially Jun Hyung aka Poppin Dragon what the heck is this nickname? after his collab with the sexy princess Hyun A xD I love Hyun A and I love Jun Hyung for his rapping in “CHANGE” hahahahakss…Soon I realize Jun Hyung is awesomely cool ❤ he’s not very handsome, but this dude got style!!

And now that they are making a comeback with SHOCK and the MV defines “COOL TO THE MAX” more comprehensible than any dictionary in this world can define, i’m ttlly ttlly ttlly in love with BEAST XD (especially after 2PM broke my heart to thousand little tiny shards, so much, that my HOTTEST-self can no longer be fixable).

So, in case any of you think this post is extrabiased, you can check their videos below and drool yourself :




(humm so what’s the song about? i have no idea LOLs.. Everyday I SHOCK..Everynight I SHOCK.. wth hahahaa.. but i dont mind being constantly shocked by these boys espclly AJ hahahaha)


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