SNSD #1 on MuBank for 5 Weeks in A Row

5 Mar

5 minggu berturut-turut, SNSD memenangkan #1 pada chart Music Bank dengan hit track mereka “Oh!”. Yuri tidak dapat tampil pada acara Music Bank 5 Maret 2010 karena sedang menderita swine flu, but I’m sure when she heard that SNSD has prevailed against the other competitors on MuBank this week, she’ll be happy 🙂 Still wish you speedy recovery, Yuri~ah ❤

Selain SNSD, BEAST juga tampil pada acara MuBank 5 Maret 2010, makin their comeback with “SHOCK”!! XD Gosh I LOVE THEM!

Check out the videos of today’s performances :

SNSD “Oh!”

BEAST “Shock”

T-Ara “I Go Crazy Because Of You”

KARA “Lupin”

CNBlue “I’m A Loner” + “Now or Never”

2AM “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”

Brian Joo “In My Head”

and the other performances as well includes :

* Sun Min “Missing”

* Kim SaeHyun – The Guy

* D-NA – Tokyo Boy

* Untouchable w. Secret Song JiEun – Living In The Heart

* Aurora

* One Two – Warara Rarare

* Lydia – Woman’s Proposal

* Three Muskateers – Eat Eat

* U-Kiss – Round and Round

* Ahn JinKyung – Bad Person

* DECEMBER – Learning about Love

* Kim JongKook – It’s This Person

* M4 – Your Melody

* Min KyungHoon – Love Because It Hurts

*Park MiKyung – How?

Aww congrats my 9 girls!! ^__^

source : K-Bites


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