70 Things About Taeyeon

14 Mar

I just found this on Soshified 🙂

Karena pandoracat emang Taeyeon-mania banget, so this post is a must in my kpop blog 😀

1.Although eldest among members, she acts like a Maknae
2.Kim TaeYeon literally means ‘The Great Beauty’
3.Taeng is from the southern part of Korea.
4.Her parents own an eye glasses shop.
5.She can speak Chinese.
6.Fany was her roommate during their days as trainees, Sooyong and Yoona were her former roommates and Sunny is the present one!
7.In Middle school, she tripped and fell in a running race. It was quite a serious wound.
8. Taeng is REALLY REALLY not good in using her left hand.
9.Even when she types she uses only her right hand. (- – poor Taeng.)
10. Every member agrees that she is the most beautiful one among them.
11.When visiting her hometown, she likes to speak with her hometown’s accent.
12.She often sleep talk, sleeps in her yoga style, and cross legged.
13.She once sneaked out from training in her days as trainee because she was so tired.
14.She is short-sighted so she wears contact lens.
15.She is the second best cooker in SNSD (Hyoyeon is the 1st)
16.She is good at drawing.
17.Sometimes she sleepwalk.
18.Her common sleep talk phrase is ‘More! More!’ which made Yoona (her former roommate) laugh so hard that she had a hard time falling asleep.
19.Taeng is most confident in her lips.
20.She used to find ‘Keroro’ boring but Maknae(SeoHyun) somehow brainwashed her and now Taeng also likes Keroro.(- – Maknae,, the brain washer keke!)
21.When Taeng was young, she always listen to the radio while doing her homework. She felt that radio was a part of her life and that it was something she loved most.
22.When she became a DJ she felt like a dream come true.
23.Sunny and Sooyong voted Taeng to the be the most popular one among the members.
24.Everyone agrees that she has a great powerful voice and a great dancing skills.
25.She likes boys who is humorous and positive.
26.She likes ‘Kang Dong Won’ She thinks he is so handsome.
27.Her happiest time of the day is at night when she gets to sleep.
28.She loves black bean milk.
29.She wants to go to Japan, England and the States most.
30.She loves purple flowers.
31.She has a REALLY REALLY bad memory. It is her weakest point of all.
32.She really puts her effort in whatever she is doing. Talks unstoppably/ Sleeps without having to close her eyes.
33.She likes SonMe from WonderGirls.
34.She felt so honorable when she got to sing with ‘Kangta’. When he taught her how to sing she often made mistakes(actually on purpose cause Taeng wanted to be with Kanta as long as possible)
35.Fany said so many people likes Taeyeon. (we all know that Fany ;] )
36.Taeng once kissed Sica on her cheeks.
37.Taeng loves to pick on Fany by calling her ‘MiYong’ (‘MiYong’ is Fany’s Korean name but she thinks it sounds like an old ancient name)
38. Fany then calls and tell Taeng’s mother that Taeng teases her. (actually Taeng is not the only one who loves to bully mushroom. keke )
39.Taeng often teaches and tell Fany whenever she does something wrong. (one of the reason why she is called Umma)
40.She was so glad when she knew that once her grandmother went into the woods to gather herbs for her when she was sick.
41.Fans call her ‘Hobbit’ because she is the second shortest among the members but she is proud of herself because shorties like her can do many things better than some tall people.
42.BUT, she wants to be a bit taller so she tries to stretch her body everyday.
43.Whenever she speaks, every member listens to her.
44.She is really scary when she is angry.
45.When she came to Thailand, Taeng remembered a Singaporean staff from ‘Soshified’ so she pointed and told the other members that she remembered that staff. (Soshified!:) ,,, what a lucky guy! )
46.One thing she doesn’t like is sleeping with long hair. (…?)
47.Her favorite pj. are shirts with long arms (such a bad English explanation. I know. Sorry – – ) She feels safe in it.
48.She doesn’t like boys with too long hair.
49.Her favorite song is ‘Unconditionally’
50.She doesn’t like herself when she is full. (we(girls) all do Taeng. Don’t worry.)
51.She likes it when it rains and the when the wind blows.
52.She likes Cactus.
53.Between ‘Love’ and ‘Friendship’ she chooses ‘Friendship’
54.She prefers men who is older than her.
55.She doesn’t have an E-mail.
56.She likes it when she is busy.
57.Once in KBS MUSIC BANK show, she got hit in the face by one of the fireworks but fortunately it wasn’t a serious wound.
58.Once she forgot her cell phone in the fridge.
59.Once she she slept walk and went out of her house, went down the elevator and went back up but she said she couldn’t remember a thing. (Taeng’s father said that he heard someone opening the door so he checked and found Taeng sleepwalking.)
60.Taeng said when she take photos and the moment the flash flashes, she thinks she is the most pretty.
61.When she was young, she was a shy little girl. (really wonder what made her become a ‘Taengoo’ keke! )
62.When she was young, her uncle often told her to sing for him cause he loved listening to her voice.
63.BoA was Teang’s inspiration of being a singer.
64.Hyungdon really liked Taeng. Sometimes he did not dare to look at Taeng because she is too cute.
65.When she comes down from the stage she feel lonely and empty.
66.She often get picked on her height. Others like to buy milk for her.
67.She created the (shorties) union with Sunny. They often pick on the taller members.
68.Once when she was recording a solo, she did not sing well and she could not reach the high notes. She tried recording it again many times but it was the same. She cried. Everyone was shocked to see Taeng crying. Fany (couldn’t walk at that time due to her leg injury) tried to get up and go to where Taeng was but Hyoyeon stopped her because she was not fully recovered from her leg injury. Taeng later said that she didn’t do well and she cried because she was worrying about someone. (no doubt, it’s our mushroom!. TaeNy!:)
69. When the weather is dry, Taeng’s skin and throat becomes very dry so she tries very hard to drink lots of water but she couldn’t drink much water. She didn’t know why either.
70.She has an elder brother who looks very similar to her.

credit: soshified

Uwaaaa Taengoo, sarangheee 🙂 I know, i’m not lesbian..but still >.< everytime i think of taengoo i feel happy and elated LMAO. I just dreamed about her and Yoona last night LOL in my dream they enrolled at my college, and me being best friend with Taengoo aaaaahhhh 😀 it was my sweetest dream so far!! hahaahaha~

5 Tanggapan to “70 Things About Taeyeon”

  1. Aiita pada 3:16 am #

    Aaah… I like you, Taeng~

  2. Lynn pada 7:27 am #

    Is there a video or anything of where you got fact 68 from? TaeNy <@(it is an ice cream because Teang love ice cream =D)

  3. Prianca pada 6:17 am #

    Love Taengo- Love Snsd.
    Specially her sense of humor.. And the way she laugh.. So cute.
    Love u Taengo.
    Fighting >_<

  4. taenggolover pada 1:43 pm #

    taenggo, ❤ ❤ ❤ love her so much ^^,
    she is so cute and have the best voice than the other member of snsd,
    but i really like SNSD ^^ 😀 😀 😀

  5. yukiitheo pada 12:58 pm #

    Reblogged this on yukiitheo and commented:
    MY WIFE!!!!

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