Fanmade BEAST’s Brain Map

27 Mar

Belakangan ini, para fans di Korea seneng banget membuat brain map dari idol mereka (well exclude JYP brain map cos I think that one was made due to Sun Mi and Jay’s situation) and those brain maps are hella funny! 🙂 I especially love Jo Kwon’s (if u havent seen it u have to go look for it urself..that wont be too difficult). Anyway, check out BEATS’s brain map made by Korean b2uties below 🙂

LOL those fans are seriously creative XD Dong Woon’s brain crack me up hahaha “But..I’m the maknae…” LOL ^^ Since Yooseob is the one in charge of aegyo in BEAST, everybody tends to think of SeobSeob as the maknae xD poor Dongwoon. (This reminds of me of the old-maknae Chansung in 2PM LOL).

Anyway, sorry for the posts after posts about BEAST lately xD I can’t help it.. I’m in love with them hahahaha~

CREDITS: SO BEAST + ORIGINAL IMAGE (SOURCE); illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS); Lumi@B2ST Rising (CAP)


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