Because We Love A Little Controversy : 2PM [Without U] vs Jay Park’s Rap in [Clouds]

27 Apr

Dirilis dalam waktu yang berdekatan, kedua lagu ini : [Without U] dan [Clouds] telah menjadi topik hangat dan hits di antara para pengamat dunia entertainment Korea. Tentu saja hal ini dipengaruhi oleh kasus kontroversi JYPE&2PM vs Jay Park (Jaebeom) beberapa waktu yang lalu (but the pain and shock are still fresh to memory).

Chingu, dah denger blum track-nya 2PM [Without U] dan track Dumbfounded, Clara C, Jay Park [Clouds]? If you have, you know the lyrics right?

2PM said these :

Chorus : I’m gonna be ok, gonna be ok, I’ll be ok, gonna be ok
Baby without you, baby without you

Khun’s rap :Listen, everything happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason

It’s like they’re referring to Jay ==” Without U? Without Jaebeom?

And then Jay said these :

Cause although I live in Seattle
It’s not always gonna rain

There’ll be some sunny days coming up this way
Everybody’s wanting to see me struggling
Running away from pain
But I know the wondrous things are coming to visit again someday
So no worries I just stand here with a smirk on my face
Although I know some people out there throwin dirt on my name
But it’s all good
Still show em some love
Cause unlike that girl from the movie
I ain’t holdin no grudge

I don’t mean to start a debate over this matter as I am very well sick of this thing… But the lyrics did strike a point to my head..or maybe it’s just me being a drama queen.

(sorry I have to pick that gay-ass photo of 2PM)


3 Tanggapan to “Because We Love A Little Controversy : 2PM [Without U] vs Jay Park’s Rap in [Clouds]”

  1. Jay is The One April 27, 2010 pada 3:12 pm #

    Stupid Korea Times is bashing Jae, saying he has to clear himself of an empty accusation they know nothing about and saying at same time anything good that happens for him will help 2 PM.

    “Some have pointed out that the dancer should clear his name before starting over, but the decision will be made by Park himself.

    He may have left the group, whether voluntarily or not, but it will certainly be hard for fans to distance the image of him from the group altogether ― a factor that could work in 2PM’s favor.

  2. adda Mei 2, 2010 pada 1:29 pm #

    hish..npe jaebom snggop wat cm2..but aq rse he not meant to kuar from 2pm..miss jaebom..

  3. death Juni 13, 2011 pada 10:07 pm #

    man shut the f up this site f-ing sucks

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