Jay Did Another Cover

4 Mei

^^ Yay, Jay is back with 2 covers. First is [Bedrock] by Young Money feat. Lloyd, and 2nd [Foolin’ Around] by Usher. Check out the video :

Usher he’s been one of my biggest influences ever since i was in the sixth grade, the song is called foolin around my favorite song on his new album the songs produced by JD, lovin all them Usher JD songs

my girl the real deal she kill bill for real really/
your girl the bootleg version she more like kill billy/
i’ll have her for breakfast lunch and din dinny/
she michael jackson bad but she aint from sin city/
through the thick and the thin man she always been with me/
she understand how i think so she ill with me/
i’m missing you right now like my name was P. diddy/
she like that kid on the rocks everytime she free willy/
in this jail of love we soul mates forever/
we keep it fresh to death we colgate togther/
i aint never gonna find another girl like you/
liking you then every other chick times two./
your good for my health better then wealth/
right now i think i like you even more then myself/
i’m callin S.o.S give me some help/
love in when you fight dirty and hit below the belt/
hot as the sun with you i always feel the burn/
so i gave her loving the coldest until she be like BRRRR/


Hahaha I love the lyrics ^^ smart, Jay!

And the flipping in the air at the beginning of the video is just awesome 🙂 Anyhow, what cracks me up is when 2 of his friends show up wearing masks and surprise Jay by the door LOL. They laugh like freaks xD

^^ And Jay looks sizzling hot wearing sunglasses~ Is it me or he does look very happy in the video? 🙂 Love his smile~


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