Sulli Is Happy, [Nu Abo] Ranked High On Real Time Chart

4 Mei

Kkkk Sulli is always cute ^^ Begitu mengetahui track baru mereka [Nu Abo] menduduki tempat yang tinggi di online chart,  Sulli meninggalkan pesan di website resmi F(x) + cute selca.

Sulli came again~~!!!

Kahhhhh~~~~~~ >0<
We were in 1st place from the real time ranking just now*
One moment I was sticking my tounge out then I was crying! T.T

Thank you so much~ I’m so moved!
I was so happy so I came again~ hahahaha!
Then good night~ ^0^


^^ Author gak tahu chart mana yang dilihat oleh Sulli, but let’s wish the best for F(x) and their new mini-album ^^ Meanwhile, hari ini maknae Krystal juga meninggalkan pesan di website F(x) :

It’s f(x)’s maknae KRYSTAL!
I’m sorry I didn’t write anything for a while T.T
I promise I’ll keep on write things from now on. ^-^

Today, the title song “NU ABO” for our first mini album came out!
Please love NU ABO alot~ I really like all the songs…
That’s in this new album… And tomorrow… Wait no it’s today. hehe
Today is the first day that f(x)’s first mini album will be out for purchase so please anticipate alot!!!

And this afternoon I have have The M-Wave recording
It’ll be nice to greet you guys as a MC!!
I’ll work hard so please keep on watching^^

And our comeback stage is coming soon~
I’m so nervous thinking about meeting you guys on the first broadcast >-< kahhh!!!!
You guys will always come to watch us right?!
Please love f(x) alot~ See You Soon

Good Night and have a sweet dream~ XOXO
Bye~~~ keke

Gosh arent they oh so pretty? ^^

Source: f(x) official website
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credit: aff(x)tion


Satu Tanggapan to “Sulli Is Happy, [Nu Abo] Ranked High On Real Time Chart”

  1. Joyce Stevenson Mei 31, 2010 pada 11:05 am #

    You have done it again. Great post.

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