Idols And Their Dogs! ^^

14 Mei

Our cute idols have cute dogs too! ^^

Let’s start with the most famous one first, okay? 😀 Who doesn’t know Gaho and his boss, GD? ^^ Gosh, Gaho is effin cute!

Next, Boss and his boss, Taeyang LOL

TOP’s Charlie

2PM photoshoot for Calvin Klein ^^ Oooow cute! But I want to be in Chansung’s arm too! So jealous! xD

My Bling Bling Jonghyun also has a cute dog named Roo :

YunHo’s Siberian Husky Taepung/Typhoon

YooChun’s Alaskan Malamute Harang

JunSu’s Samoyed Xiahki

JunHo’s Golden Retriever Hoki

JaeJoong’s Great Pyrenees Vick

ChangMin’s Maltese Mang Dong

Hongki’s Elisya (a gift from Primadonnas ^^)

Updated : ^^ Looks like SS501’s Hyung Joon also has pet dog! Its name is Choco (^^ i dont know if it’s female or male, could anyone shed some light for me?kkk) and it is adorkably cute (like the owner!kkk) ^^

Hmm? is it wearing headphones? 😄 kkkkk

Source: DBSK Dream @Blogger, DBSK + JongHun + HongKi @Cyworld, sment @Youtube, JunSu @Twitter, pea@ peaprincess501Prettyboy ( +


2 Tanggapan to “Idols And Their Dogs! ^^”

  1. pea Mei 14, 2010 pada 2:44 pm #

    kok Si CHOCO (anjingnya hyung jun) gak ada?
    padahal tuh anjing terkenal banget…

    • pandoracat Mei 14, 2010 pada 3:22 pm #

      ow ^^ thx infonya, will be updating kekeke~

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