MBLAQ’s Teaser MV [Y]

14 Mei


JOON’s SEXY BACK BURNS MY EYES XD For a while I thought this is similar to Rain’s [In My Bed] shower scene *glee happily!!* kkk..I’m such a perv~

Anyway, I didnt expect this, but I’M HYPERVENTILATED JUST BY LISTENING TO THE TEASER. I didnt expect it to be this good kkkkk (sorry to have underrated you, MBLAQ. Won’t do it no more. kkkkk…)

SOOOOOO where was I? Oh yeah, I was gonna spazzzzzz about how good looking every one of them in the teaser LOLOLOL. ESPECIALLY MY LEADER SEUNGHO!! ^^ Gosh, even though it was only like a split second of him, I was already sent to fangirl paradise LMAO. And moustache-LESS G.O!!! Thanks for answering my prayers!!!! XD

The full mv will be released by May 17th SO BE ALERT kkkkkkk XD


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