Leeteuk Is A Fan Of Sunye?

31 Mei

Noooooooooo T.T

Read here.

Leeteuk is a fans of many girls kkkkkk xD he said before that he likes Yoona, and now he said he likes Sunye too? D< Teuk, why do u always tease me? didnt you propose me for a marriage just a while ago? *murdered by ELFs kkkk*~ but really T.T that makes me super jealous…. Haiks~ why do i fall for a guy who’s impossible for me to get XD kkkkk~ anyhoo, Teuk sure have HIGH taste in women ==” Yoona is arguably the most attractive member of SNSD (for me it iss and always be Kim Taeyeon) while Sunye is no doubt the prettiest in WG (well, for me).

KKkk i’m quoting allkpop “That’s kind of hilarious to imagine considering the fact that at the time, she was in elementary school and he was in high school.” —> eukekekekeke xD my cute adorkkable pedobear Teuk!! ❤

PS : I’d rather the photo above be :

kkkk xD ELFs, don’t kill me~ kkkk


3 Tanggapan to “Leeteuk Is A Fan Of Sunye?”

  1. aoi Mei 31, 2010 pada 10:46 pm #

    ilang streSss ku liat ini artikel ..nice job!!..!!

  2. Ping September 10, 2010 pada 10:51 am #

    knp ada 1 manusia gila di foto bwh???? wkwkwkwkwkwk

    • pandoracat September 10, 2010 pada 12:49 pm #

      hahahaha xD boleh dong imajinasi dikit wkwkwk
      tp sy setuju kalo Teuk sama Taeyeon ^^ serasiii

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