#Protect Super Junior!

31 Mei

I dont know why but it’s been trending on Twitter for hours already. Why? What happened to our Super Junior?

I read that the antis had done something terrible to their website. Like posting creepy pictures and stuffs. Dont they have better things to do? Like mowing their front yard or doing grade 5th maths. Instead of this? How childish.

Dont they know how powerful ELF are? Do antis really still need to check? Pssh~ they need to learn get a life.

Click here and here ONLY if you have the stomach and nerve.

So eventhough my internet connection is failing me now, aka is not in the prime condition, I’m trying to get a hold of events. What the heck happened?

Apparently, some antifans are spamming SuJu’s Baidu Bars and say mean things as well as posting creepy pictures (they spam on Teukie’s the most!!! DX GRRAOOO~ leave my AngelTeuk and Suju, you dumb antis!!!!!). It is also rumoured that the antis are sabotaging Suju’s Trial Listening on Soribada, making Suju’s song fell down to number 10.

Anyway, seems like the attack has something to do with SuJu’s Shanghai Expo. If i’m not mistaken, an elf…sorta…died… (sorry if i mistook the news..it’s so hard to find out about the real situation ==” and my internet connection isnt helping at all). The antifans all blame Suju hence they spam Baidu bars, TwElfs, and also SUJU-M’s baidu bars.

==” I give up! my internet connection is so gay! i’m gonna be updating on this situation again tomorrow.

UPDATED : here’s the situation. The promoter didnt sell enough tickets at SHanghai Expo, but the fans were so crowded and the place was jammed full.. in the midst of the chaos many people were hurt, and apparently an antifans intentionally reported false rumors about a girl falling dead from the 2nd floor (or so i read…) so it’s just rumors ==” what antifans would do to gain attention… P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C of them.

And yeah..it was chaotic…. i’m gonna say this and i’m sorry… fans can be as scary as antifans too sometimes….

Anyhow, situation under control now. Baidu Bars are back to normal, and BONAMANA reached #1 on Soribada ^^ the power of ELFs! Gosh, dont you love a happy ending?

Original article here and here.

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