Idols : Before and After Make Up

1 Jun

We all know idols are different, a bit or totally in some case, when you see them without their make up. Some idols, like Yoona or Lee Hyori, still manage to appear pretty even with their bare face, and some others like “insert-idol-name” (i was about to mention some names here, but to avoid problem, let’s just generalize them) unrecognizable once they wash off all their make up.

Here are my compilations of idols photos with and without make up. I think Wondergirls have the best looking bare face here. What do you think?

2NE1 : Dara looks older without make up, but still cute and seem ageless ^^ she still looks like a highschooler! Make up makes her face fresher, but I think bare face or not, Dara is still gorgeus 😀 Who’s with me? As for CL and Minzy, still look the same, only eyes part got smaller. ^^ I like CL’s bare face. She could be a hottie in my country even without make up 🙂 I dont know about Korea though, coz it seems that beauty standard is very high there.

F(x) : PRETTY! ^^ Call me bias but F(x) are youuuungggg and beautifullllll~! 😀 especially Victoria! ^^ My bias in F(x) is actually Sulli, but Tori’s bare face is no match for Sulli’s bare face 🙂 With make up, Sulli wins though, hands down 🙂 I think Sulli is one of the prettiest KPOP idols. As for Krystal, I cant distinguish which is bare face and which is face with make up 🙂 beauuutiful! Luna looks pale, and her eyes got smaller. Apart from that, F(x) are natural beauty…

4Minute : It’s funny that Gayoon is prettier without make up ^^ Maknae looks the same..Leader..pretty much the same. Hyuna.. still pretty but I’d prefer her with make up on ^^ She looks innocent without make up, but I’m more used to seeing sexy and mature Hyuna ^^

SNSD : kkkk Taeng xD eyebrow! and eyebag! you should sleep! ^^ still daaazzzzzling~!! Yoona, Taeng, and Sooyoung! Sunny too~ only her eyes are slightly different. I cannot comment much because SNSD are too pretty for words ^^~

Ga-In (BEG) : Maknae ❤ !! Aigooo so pretty la~ ^^ Ga-In cant make her eyes look bigger no matter what make up she puts kkkk xD but her chinky eyes are what I love about her face ^^~ It’s her charisma point kkkk~

Wondergirls : imo WG looks better without make up! kkkkkk ^^ sometimes they overdo it..but I loooove Soohee’s bare face! the skin is to die for!

KARA : I’m so sorry to say that Hara has a horror face ==” or maybe it’s because the lack of sleep..she looks unhealthy..but dont worry, i know Hara is among the prettiest-dol in KPOP..I agree too~ As for Gyuri and Nicole, they look old..I am especially surprised to see Nicole’s bare face.

source : some photos I found in DKPOPNEWS.

40 Tanggapan to “Idols : Before and After Make Up”

  1. shosh Juni 1, 2010 pada 8:27 pm #

    you are sooooo anti
    get a life

    • pandoracat Juni 2, 2010 pada 2:44 am #

      i’m sorry but i dont think myself as an anti
      i dont bash, i give my honest opinion. do you see me bashing them?

  2. Anonymous Juni 2, 2010 pada 4:39 am #

    I mostly agree on everything!!
    But wow, seems like no one beats the F(x) and (most of) SNSD girls^^

  3. chaka Juli 31, 2010 pada 6:10 pm #

    the heck happened to nicole’s face??
    she looks really different in this pic than in her tv appearances.

  4. dzafin-siwonminhoT.O.Pbiased♥ Agustus 18, 2010 pada 5:07 am #

    cantik2 yahh ..
    eh tapi yang hara tuh yg before pake make up juga dehh .. kan pas tampil juga sihh

  5. cd Agustus 18, 2010 pada 12:46 pm #

    hmmmm nicole like have almost same face when kid…

  6. Riya_Momo November 22, 2010 pada 7:35 am #

    i agree that WG Sohee rlly looks pretty~ and hara,she’s pretty girl but maybe lack of sleep~ its not her fault~

  7. glooy Desember 4, 2010 pada 4:16 pm #

    i like yoori
    sorry i’m from
    but i like snsd soooo much
    olso suju and shinee
    i like all sm family

    • bella tay Desember 12, 2011 pada 10:03 am #

      are u sure boy ?

  8. olgamardianita September 9, 2011 pada 1:58 pm #

    the most beautiful girl is… I think soohe WG. she still looks so cute without make up ^^
    and sunny snsd looks same, without make up or with make up. waaaw, I like it XD

  9. bella tay Desember 12, 2011 pada 10:02 am # sorry glad to hear that

  10. 린리 Desember 15, 2011 pada 4:40 pm #

    Sunny was on Invincible Youth in her no makeup photos. I think her eyes were puffy with lack of sleep and/or her body’s reaction to the temperatures. But she’s still pretty!

  11. Jenny Valencia Desember 16, 2011 pada 10:01 am #

    gosh korean girls is so yeppuda but i when i see the korean girls in no make up, so very ugly

  12. LovelyseungyeoN Januari 1, 2012 pada 10:04 pm #

    seung yeon is more beautiful then all of them
    look at her
    with make up ………. file:///F:/Kara/z7ny.jpg and file:///F:/Kara/XEYRWss.jpg
    without make up ………. file:///C:/Users/Mine/Desktop/k-1_04012011043843.jpg and file:///C:/Users/Mine/Desktop/h2.jpg
    she looks really cute with and without make up ^^

  13. LovelyseungyeoN Januari 2, 2012 pada 12:13 am #

    The Contrast with make up the second pics and without the first pics

  14. Cynthia Maret 2, 2012 pada 12:40 am #

    Good page ^_^
    I hope you’ll keep adding to it.
    Just so you know though, many of your ‘before’ pictures are low-makeup pictures, not no-makeup pictures.
    Still many good pictures though.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. rshinedown Maret 15, 2012 pada 8:14 am #

    YoonA, she always pretty with or without make up. she has a pure beauty.Love her.

  16. Sara Jonson April 7, 2012 pada 4:57 am #

    It’s almost like you purposely chose ugly pics of kara. Kara is known to be one of the prettiest kpop groups with and without makeup. Hara, Gyuri, Jiyoung, and Seungyeon all look gorgeous without makeup. Nicole doesn’t look as beautiful but she is still cute. Seriously, the pics you picked were obviously taken at wierd moments especially Haras. Personally, I think hara looks the best without makeup out of all the girl groups with yoona from snsd.

    • pandoracat Agustus 31, 2012 pada 12:13 pm #

      wah im sorry i didnt mean to do that 😦 those were the pics that i found so i wrote this post based on those pics…

  17. HK Mei 10, 2012 pada 2:47 am #

    umm… you do realize saying chinky is really offensive

    • pandoracat Agustus 31, 2012 pada 12:11 pm #

      wah im sorry >.< i didnt know that chinky is offensive -.-" thank you for correcting me… i would becareful next time..

  18. Kpgonnabe Juli 3, 2012 pada 8:37 pm #

    I am sorry I have nothing wrong with your opinions or anything but on Gain’s pictures you could have used a much better word than “chinky” to describe her eyes. But I did enjoy reading your opinions!

    • pandoracat Agustus 31, 2012 pada 12:14 pm #

      yes i sorry…i didnt know that chinky is offensive 😦 i will be careful next time..

  19. ÄŕėēĴ ღ Juli 19, 2012 pada 8:01 pm #

    oh wonder girls so pretty <3c
    my wonder girls so nice from wear you get wonder girls pics please say for me ^^

  20. yurisistable Juli 24, 2012 pada 8:41 am #

    F(x) udah the best deh suwer gue sone tp gue jg stuju snsd kalah cantik ama f(x)

  21. mankidal Februari 4, 2013 pada 1:37 am #

    Some of them like typical korea which make slightly offense..

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  25. prada 新作 バッグ Agustus 12, 2013 pada 10:26 am #

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  26. Samar November 4, 2013 pada 12:12 am #

    You are so right about everything!! I think you read my mind LOL XD

  27. Fish and Chips Mei 13, 2014 pada 10:16 pm #

    Shame on you for using the word “chinky”. Its rude and racist.

    • yukiitheo Mei 14, 2014 pada 1:06 am #

      my god, if you read my replies i already said i’m sorry because i had no idea chinky is racist etc english is not my 1st language

  28. Kyungsoo-fleshy Maret 14, 2015 pada 1:12 pm #

    Hara though xD personally, her before pic was shot at the WRONG time, making her look like a perverted zombie.


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