Idol Pairings I Wish Were For Real :)

3 Jun

No, I’m not talking about pairings like JaeHo or YooSu or TaeNy or YulSic, though I’ll give an honorary mention later. ^^ These are the pairings of kpop idols that i wish were for real, because personally I think they really suit each other kkkk~

1. HyoRain

Let’s start it off with the senior couple ^^ Hyori and Rain are rivals in music, but I wish they’ll date each other some time in the near future kkkk~ I think they really are meant to be together. Hyori is dubbed the Hottest Queen of KPOP, and Rain is arguably the hottest Korean singer ^^. Both of them are good friends and they have known each other for a long time. They often appears together on TV shows and worked together for KB Card CF. And who doesnt know the radio scandal a few years ago between Hyori and Rain? ^^ Kkkk~

FYI, the scandal was like this : one of Rain’s friend was on a radio show and they decided to prank call Rain. When Rain picked up the phone, unknowingly that he was on air, he said “Hyung, Hyori and I just had se..”. And then the radio show was suddenly cut off and music was played. Later some people made rumors about Rain saying that he had xxx with Hyori and that he said it felt good (wtf what people would do to gain attention).

It was never proven to be true. Rain said, “It’s an old story now, but at the time, I was at Hong Kong for my concert. I discovered later that the rumors spread because of an elementary kid who posted it on an online bulletin as a joke.”

Anyway, whether it was just a dangerous joke or indeed an interesting truth, I say Rain and Hyori should be together for real ^^. Though Hyori is older by a couple of years, they still match for each other. Hyori seems to be ageless ^^ she looks so young for someone her age.

When both singers appear together for [Come To Play] on May 17th,  Hyori said that she was quite attracted to Rain. Read complete article here.

Awww 🙂 what a cute couple! A fan also says that on the show, Rain’s friends were talking about how they held a party at Rain’s house’s backyard because it was so large. Hyori then said jokingly that she wanted to marry someone with a big house and a big backyard. Rain smiled and said “I’m a man with big house and big backyard.” Kkkk~ just get married already!! 🙂

Anyway, do you want HyoRain too? ^^ Who’s with me?


2. The Adam Couple

Kkkk who doesnt know The Infamous Adam Couple? ^^ Ga In and Jo Kwon are so sweet together, it looks like they are for real!  I dont need to state the obvious here. They keep showing how close they are, from We Got Married, to Minihompy, to Me2Day, to Cyworld, on and off camera! Kkkk~ There are already too many romantic evidences of The Adam Couple, including the rumor about them locking lips. Kkkkk~ they are perfect for each other and looks like they know it too~ 🙂


3. YongSeo Couple ^^ (don’t kill me, fans! kkk)

The WGM couple, Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa are the cutest couple ever! ^^ At first netizens object to this pairing, but in the end when they realize how cuuute this couple is, they start to approve kkkk XD (i dont know if there are still unapproving netizens out there though kkkkk). At first i thought it would be awkward for Seobaby to star in WGM because she already stated before that she thought boys are gross kkkkkk~ (i think it means she hadnt yet found interest in boys kkk) 🙂 And I love that innocence of her kkkk~

But as quoted from the original article,

SNSD’s Hyoyeon revealed, “On the days Seohyun meets Jung Yong Hwa and comes home, she talks about her husband to the point where we can’t sleep. It seems like they’re really dating.”

Seohyun herself said that “Although at first I worried that it might be awkward, Jung Yong Hwa proved otherwise. He has a very nice personality and is very considerate, he adjusts to you.”

Yonghwa also said that Seohyun is close to his ideal type. “Her point of calmly looking out for others, her personality of when worrying, truly worrying about others is close to my ideal girl type.”

The singer stated that he is receiving a lot of influence from Seohyun, a SNSD member who receives a lot of love from the audience as a girl idol with a bright and honest living image. Jung Yong Hwa stated, “On the contrary, both of us have similar personalities so we care for each other a lot. Thanks to Seohyun, I started reading more and began to think twice about my actions and behavior.”

SNSD’s Hyoyeon also revealed, “After Seohyun comes back from We Got Married filming, she really looks like she’s in love and dating.”

To this, CNBLUE members were also asked if there were any changed in their leader after he started filming We Got Married. After thinking for a brief moment, the members agreed that Jung Yong Hwa became much brighter after the show. (original article here).

🙂 I give them my stamp of approval!


4. TaecYoon

*__* YES! They should be together! Why? Because they have THE chemistry~ Since SoshiPM collaboration on SBS Gayo Daejun last year, many rumors float about TaecYoon pairing. At first I OBJECTed to this pairing T.T Because i like Taec very much and I didnt quite like Yoona back then. But rumors keep afloat, even more when Yoona and Taec were casted together for FO2.

Recently SoshiPM released Caribbean Bay CF, Cabi Song, and they really garner attentions from fans and antifans alike ^^. SoshiPM look very close and intimate in the MV, some fangirls and fanboys just couldnt take it 😛 kkk~ But my mind changed after I watched the MV. Yoona looks totally gorgeous, I fell for her kkkk XD And the MV is so nice, regardless of what jealous netizens said (that the MV was too much lah, too sexy lah, Soshi were sluts lah, etc etc etc ==” jealousy..tsk).

Anyway, TaecYoon chemistry was really shown in this MV ^^ or so I thought. Because the way Taec looked at Yoona aigoo~ that was heartmelting 🙂 And they do look good together. Taec is hot, Yoona is too. Imagine how gorgeous their children will be kkkk~

Recently Taec gave Yoona perfume for her coming of age day and Yoona said she was touched by it ^^. Kinda make you curious right? Taec also presented an ab dance for Yoona and admitted on FO2 that he liked Yoona a lot kkkk~ Let’s cheer for Taec. Who knows, maybe Taec would succeed in melting Yoona’s heart (because I’m sure he got many rivals kkkk).


5. G-Dara

I waaaant this couple 😀 !! Though Dara is older, but se still looks (even) younger than Jiyong, so I think they will be as cute a couple as YongSeo couple is ^^. Being together in YG Family, 2NE1 and Big Bang are really close to each other and have a couple times done a joint performances together 🙂 Though some people would prefer GDCL, I’m more to G-Dara (DaraGon) couple 🙂 the cute should be together kkkk~ CL is too fierce for GD ^^ Sorry, this is just my preference kkkk~ imo CL suits TOP kkk~ (but TOPDara is actually cute too kkkkk)

G-Dara collaboration with [Hello] made the netizens discussed about the chemistry they have ^^ You gotta admit they look cute together! (what a coincidence! my winamp is tuning to 2NE1’s I Don’t Care! kkk)


6. TOP & Park Min Young

Kkk actually no rumors ever afloat about them (is there any? tell me please ^^) but ever since I watched them together in [I’m Sam] and BB’s [Haru Haru] MV, I totally root for this couple ^^. TOP is very cool and Min Young just seems to match him 🙂 I love their chemistry in both [I’m Sam] and [Haru Haru]. Min Young is soo pretty and gorgeous >.< (eventhough people said she’s plastic, she still looks very beautiful). They ARE a match, imo 🙂


7. Hyomin Joon 🙂

When I found out that Hyomin’s gonna be paired with Joon for Idol Army, I hate her T.T (Joon was mine kkkkkk). But when I actually watched the show and see how the chemistry was quite shown between them 🙂 I quickly changed my mind and ttlly approved. Although no further rumor afloats about them after Idol Army, I still wish they’d be real couple.

Quoted from Idol Army episode 3:

Hyomin : When T-Ara first came out, who do you think was the best?

Joon : You!

Hyomin : No, exclude me!

Joon : (was in doubt) I liked all of you

Hyomin : Just one..just one! Which member did you wish to take this lunchpack at first?

Joon : (straightforwardly) You!

Hyomin : Me excluded.

Joon : (frustrated) Okay, you are my number #1. I’m gonna tell my number #2. You say it too. On the count of 1,2,3. (Asking Hyomin which member in MBLAQ she wished for the date)

Joon : 1,2,3. Soyeon.

Hyomin : (kept silent). Ahhh I see.

Joon :  (shy. quickly ran hiding behind the wall ) —> kkkkk Joon~ah youre so funny! ^^

Joon : (back in his seat) Seriously, you are my number #1. Who’s your number 2?

And this is my favorite lines of the entireee show ^^ said by Hyomin :

Hyomin : For me, it’s #1 Oppa (referring to Joon), 2nd place Oppa (stil Joon), 3rd place Oppa (and Joon^^), 4th place…Lee Joon, 5th place Oppa (ends it with Joon) –> Wah! Hyomin really knows how to tease guys!! ^^


8. KangYeon

Kkkkkk dont hate on me ELFs 🙂 I just want to say honestly, I want Kangin and Taeyeon couple hahahahahaha ^^

Both are good friends. SNSD and SuJu are close. They are SMFamily 🙂 They worked together for Chinhan Chingu Radio for about a year until Kangin left. But to me, Kangin and Taeyeon share the chemistry very well ^^. But I know that what they share is more like a brother-sister love. 🙂 Some rumor afloats when they were spotted wearing  “couple ring”. And there was a time when people said Kangin was jealous when Taeyeon was paired with Jung Hyung Don in We Got Married, and some other said Taeyeon looked jealous when Kangin shared a “kiss” with his “fake-wife” in We Got Married (I forgot her name).


9. TaeTeuk

Kkkk another pairing for Taeyeon ^^ This time rumour was spreading because she and Leeteuk were spotted wearing the same necklace and people assumed it to be the so-called “couple necklace” kkkk. Actually the rumor is quite an old story but what surprised me is that Teuk is still wearing the necklace until now (the photo above is from SuJu’s 3D concert), and so is Taeyeon (the picture below is when she was on vacation in Singapore with her family, YESTERDAY kk) ^^ Since these two are my super-bias, I’m more than happy to approve them as a couple! ❤ 🙂


10.  TaeSu

🙂 The rumor about Taeyeon and Junsu took fans by surprised a few years ago. And antifans all attacked Taeyeon ==” Poor Taeyeon. Poor Junsu. =( I think they would be an amazingly cute couple. Actually they are the first couple I approve. >.< They so match each other I wish it were really really for real. Junsu is such a cutiepie and Taeyeon is very beautiful too, they’d make the couple made in heaven >.< So perfect la~!


11. JaeSica ^^ (again! don’t kill me, fans!)

Jessica is rumored to be the ex of Donghae (SuJu) and Jaejoong (DBSK) ^^. I guess no wonder why many antifans hated her ==” Sica is indeed gorjess, who wouldnt fall for a girl like that? From couple ring to passing flowers on stage, netizens are curious whether JaeSica is real or not ^^


I’m losing count..Is it 11? ^^ HyunAJ

Come On! ^^ They are HOT couple! Though no rumor ever afloats about them, but i’m soooo rooting for this couple ^^. They are the hot icons from CUBE Ent. They are the attention grabber (okay, maybe just imo, but come ooon~ AJ and Hyuna? Obviously they are the most popular member of 4Minute and BEAST). :0 They’ll look sooooo effin good if they ever decide to be together ^^ come on, we need some CUBE Ent. scandal! Kkkk~


12. This is the honorary mention I’ve said before ^^ whooo~ quite a long read, huh?  But this pairing gonna make you smilee kkk~ they were trending for days on TT ^^ Get ready for EunHae couple kkk~


Kkkkk ^^ are you happy with those pairings? Kkkkk~

19 Tanggapan to “Idol Pairings I Wish Were For Real :)”

  1. vip Juni 3, 2010 pada 9:10 am #

    wkwkwkk taeyeoonn kok jd playgirl..
    bny bgt psgan ny..

    • pandoracat Juni 3, 2010 pada 9:22 am #

      kkkk XD iow soalnya rumornya Taeyeon ada banyak hahaha XD

  2. scarletteblood Juni 11, 2010 pada 6:46 am #

    Kok nggak ada Kwon Yuri dan Kim Tae Woo ^_^? Chemistry berasa di Invincible Youth 😀

  3. lizzty Juli 16, 2010 pada 1:59 pm #

    heyy just stumbled upon ur blog, and i absolutely LOVE your pairings!!!!! esp adam couple, i really they should be together, they look so awesome together!! ^^~

  4. p0lkadatz September 2, 2010 pada 1:37 am #

    KHNUTORIA ! ❤ you should add them hehehe

  5. CherryChocol8 September 8, 2010 pada 3:58 pm #

    ^^ I like your couples! =)
    I totally support:
    – HyoRain
    – YongSeo
    – TaecYoon
    – HyoJoon
    – DaraGon
    – KangYeon
    & of course EunHae! XD although I’d rather have them playing a couple than actually being one ^^”
    EunHyuk should be a couple with HyoYeon and DongHae with SooYoung! ^^ Don’t you think? 😛

    • azaz Oktober 28, 2010 pada 2:29 pm #

      i want wootae couple!!
      2PM wooyoung and taeyon..they r the best partner~huhu

  6. Sarai November 3, 2010 pada 10:47 pm #

    Hmm…Do you know of the Royal Couple “KRYBER”? (consisting of f(x) Krystal and Amber)THEY are meant to be. you should check them out.

  7. エッチテレビ電話 November 10, 2010 pada 5:05 am #

    テレビ電話でエッチなこと テレビ電話無料 エッチ テレビ電話

  8. Riya_Momo November 22, 2010 pada 7:40 am #

    hyomin and Joon!!! i really wish that they can be in WGM~ it would be great!! sweet couple!!

  9. kyuri Mei 17, 2011 pada 3:05 am #

    I really love goguma couple (yonghyun). I think them really as my appa and umma

    when I watch the last episode, I just like understand how sad they are when they must separate like that.

    compared to the first episode, yong appa just consider hyun umma as his little sister and I thought he really didn’t like her just like now. It’s like he compelled like her. he have said it in a show *I forget The name of the show*, he just sudden said like this involuntarily
    then he tried to fix what he said.
    But now I think he really like who hyun umma is and he always regret that he born in 1989, right?
    In last episode, hyun umma also gave a comment that he looked at her was different when they met at first

    I really hope that they can really listen their heart

  10. kyuri Mei 17, 2011 pada 3:19 am #

    at first, I happy they became couple because I little jealous with hyun umma close to kyu oppa. But then
    I like them with sincerity and I never jealous again with hyun umma if she close to kyu oppa.
    I just thought that if I really love kyu hyun oppa, I must understand who he is and what his position is.
    Altough it little hurt me, but it’s the truth.
    I want to be a fans that’s not overprotective with him. because it can make him uncomfortable.
    I really thanks with yong appa and hyun umma

  11. Nindyulsung ♥ Juli 1, 2011 pada 7:27 pm #

    Yuri & Yesung !! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Seohyun & Kyuhyun !! ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. evilmaknaewife Juli 18, 2011 pada 4:33 pm #

    especially for Yongseo Couple, Adam Couple, TaecYoon, SMcouples..
    and, I think you’ve forgotten 1 -or maybe you dislike this couple- SUNSUN alias Sungmin-Sunny ! they’re awesome ! aegyo king and aegyo Queen, I just fell for them..
    they’re sooooo cute together. I remember how close they are in their radio program some years ago 🙂

  13. Aiita Agustus 1, 2011 pada 3:38 am #

    boleh d tambahin gk?
    Milky Couple ( IU and Wooyoung 2PM) is sweet couple~

  14. NayaChan November 23, 2011 pada 1:08 pm #

    kangyeon n taesu 😛

  15. 이애민 (@aemonlemon) Oktober 23, 2012 pada 7:21 pm #

    i love u ok.

  16. Watch Tv Show Full Episodes Video Online Juli 19, 2013 pada 6:52 pm #

    Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so
    I am going to tell her.

  17. hebasujuelf Januari 24, 2014 pada 9:38 pm #

    hahah i’m happy on the last one!!! go EunHae all the way !!! ^^
    And i really thought that people like hyuna with the other guy in troublemaker from beast ? haha anyway EunHae all the way “”

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