SNSD – Genie PV / Japanese Version

26 Agu

wohoo~ this WONT be my kpop blog if i didnt post about SNSD’s new PV for [Genie] ;p

The full MV was released yesterday *if i’m not mistaken* 25th August 2010 🙂 hyperventilatingly, i immediately looked for the mv on youtube ^~^ *damn! why do i live faraway from them!*

😀 What can I say? It was IMPRESSIVE! ^^ 100 points out of 100 points! It usually takes me quite sometime to adjust myself with Japanized-Korean-lyric (i dont know if Japanized is even a word lol) but I only need to listen to Genie Japanese Ver once to fall in love again with my honeys ^^~

Though some people said that it sounds like theyr forcing the japanese lyric into the song, I should oppose to that because the lyric sounds okay and the song itself is very nice to the ears ^^ (or maybe because i’m snsd biased). Compared with the Korean version, the Japanes version is a well-done job! I like the Korean ver better of course, but the Japanese version is not bad too. It bring a fresh sound to the song ^^

The PV starts with some random japanese guy an SM trainee (Park Chan Yeol is the name, i just know about this ^^”)appearing in an attic. He finds THE genie lamp, rubs it, and presto! He finds our 9 gorgeous ladies in a circus tent miniature *He’s so lucky!damn!*

I don’t quite like Taeng’s hair in the beginning and her braided her makes her look somehow ordinary too 🙂 her looks in Genie Korean Ver is better, but anyway whatever Taeng’s do with her hair/face/whatver, she is still PRETTY like ALWAYS ❤ *i’m a hardcore Taeyeon’s worshipper*

Jessica, on the other side, looks better in this MV rather than the Korean ver 🙂 her hair was too short in the Korean Ver, though her wig was pretty but nothing beats original hair ^^~ Sica’s hair is perfect in this PV~ which is the way i like it 🙂

The other 7 are the same gorgeous ladies we’ve all known 🙂 I dont need to re-state the obvious here. Tiffany looks slightly different though..I think it’s the nose or maybe the face =.= anyway, Tiff looks HELLA BEAUTIFUL here 🙂 Sooyoung too >.< I love her long hair!! She should keep it that way!! Looks like Japanese doll here ^.~

What I don’t like about the PV is that Hyo and Sunny dont get enough screentime here =\ too much Yoona and Sica (i’m not complaining since I love Yoona and Sica too, but dang it! please SM >.< make the screentime equal for all 9!!)

Taeyeon’s solo part towards the end of the MV is a little bit weird, maybe because I’m not used to hearing Japanese songs. It’s a little too…loud?inaudible?i prefer her solo line in the Korean ver.

Overall, I love this MV totally 🙂 Really freshen my day and brighten my eyes :p i’ve been missing SNSD and especially my Taeyeon very much and this PV is just what it takes to cure me ^__^

Download HQ MV here. Credit to site owner 😀

pic Credit: fyeahthebestsnsdblog@tumblr

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  1. violenceangel pada 2:53 am #

    Park Chan Yeol….I’m in love with that guy♥

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