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Random Post #5 : Between Rain’s [Love Song], Hyori’s [Swing], and Taeyang’s [Look At Only Me]

11 Apr

Yaps, kali ini pandoracat pengen ngasih komentar tentang MV-nya Rain, Hyori, dan Taeyang. Penasaran kenapa pandoracat mesti ngebandingin Hyori dan Taeyang dengan Rain? ^^ Check out why!

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Random Post #4: Double Take [Micky Yoochun or Moon Junyoung]

30 Mar

I still can’t make up my mind which one in ZE:A that I like #1! >.< It’s always between Leader Junyoung or Maknae Dongjun ^^ am I too greedy? LOL

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Random Post #3 : Bye-Bye Win32.Sality (Hopefully FOREVER)

26 Mar

Pandoracat lagi seneeeeeng banget karena dah berhasil ngebersihin PC tercinta dari worm super nyebelin yang disebut sebagai Win32.Sality. Setelah berbulan-bulan PC pandoracat dihuni oleh worm ganas ini, akhirnya hari ini setelah ngedonlot removal tool khusus buat Sality, PC pandoracat sudah bebaaaassssssss dari Sality.

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Happy Birthday, Kim Taeyeon!

9 Mar

Our Kid Leader is celebrating her birthday today, March 9th 2010! 🙂 Kim Taeyeon is now 21 years old, but she doesnt seem older than a 16 years old girl! 😀 Stay young and fresh, Taeyeonnie!! You’re the cutest and dorkiest person alive and ILY forever!!

Anyway, I’m gonna be on hiatus for a while ==” so there’ll be no update at this site for the time being..But i won’t be disappearing for too long 🙂 so i hope this blog can be better and brighter after my hiatus..

Random Post #2 : Zombieland

5 Mar

Okay, I’ve just watched this movie on DVD and I love it!! LOLs.

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Random Post #1 : BEAST

4 Mar

So, let’s have some random BEAST-ly biased post, shall we? XD

I’ve been loving this group ever since Mystery (I was mesmerized by MBLAQ “OH YEAH” during their BAD GIRL promotion so I took less notice to BEAST at that time..but yeah, you know how rivalry works hahahaaa..but now…. I’m head over heels for these 6 charming boys woot woot!).

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