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Leeteuk Said He Didn’t Like Wondergirls?

31 Mei

Euhahaha sorry for spamming with Teukie’s related posts ^^ (I love this guy thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ t much kkkkkk).

Wondergirls’ Yeeun said that she didn’t have a good first impression on Teukie ^^. Quoted from DKPOPNEWS :

On a recent recording of MBC Lee JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come to Play, Wonder Girls‘ YeEun revealed her first impression of Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

This episode was a special idol-packed episode with the Wonder Girls and Super Junior’s Heechul, Leeteuk, ShinDong, DongHae, and KyuHyun.

YeEun took this opportunity to reveal her first impression of Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, saying, “Our stylist during our Tell Me promotions passed by Super Junior’s waiting room when she heard Leeteuk say, ‘I don’t know why you like the Wonder Girls’. Our furious stylist then told us what he said so my first impression of Leeteuk wasn’t good.”

A flustered Leeteuk quickly replied, “This is a big misunderstanding. I have a Wonder Girls poster on my bedroom window. If I really didn’t like the Wonder Girls back then, I probably changed my mind right after.”

Euhahahaha xD Poor Teukie got misunderstood kkkkkk~ I’d like to watch this show to see how Teuk’s flustered face look like eukekekeke xD must be cute as hell awwwwwww~ my Teuk!! ❤ ==” (sorry for being such a fan girl)