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Idol Pairings I Wish Were For Real :)

3 Jun

No, I’m not talking about pairings like JaeHo or YooSu or TaeNy or YulSic, though I’ll give an honorary mention later. ^^ These are the pairings of kpop idols that i wish were for real, because personally I think they really suit each other kkkk~

1. HyoRain

Let’s start it off with the senior couple ^^ Baca lebih lanjut

T-News Interview BEAST’s Dongwoon & Ki Kwang

10 Apr

Kedua member BEAST, Ki Kwang (aka AJ) dan magnae Dongwoon, baru-baru ini diwawancarai oleh T-News. ^^ Check out the interview below!

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The Winner of Idol Dance Battle and Prettiest Male Idol is….?

27 Mar

This guy is gone from KPOP but news about him just keep coming and coming and coming.. ^^

Can you guess it already?

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