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4Minute [Muzik] MV Japanese Ver + Lyric

13 Mei

Before my head explode from seeing to much php and javascript codes today, I decided to post my review on 4Minute’s recent Japanese MV for their hit song [Muzik].

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F(x) [Nu Abo] MV Released

6 Mei

It’s May 6th ^^ Time to check out F(x)’s new MV [NU ABO]. What do you think?

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KARA And T-Ara Release World Cup Songs MV

3 Mei

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BEAST’s [Mystery] MV :D

26 Apr

Hahahaha they bring me great laugh of the day! ^^ MTV BEAST Almighty menampilkan own made MV untuk track BEAST yang berjudul [Mystery] ^^ CHECK IT OUT! MUHAHAHA SO FUNNY~

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2PM Releases [Without U] MV + Full Mini Album

19 Apr

The MV we’ve all been waiting for 🙂

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ZE:A Releases [All Day Long] MV Story Version

16 Apr

Setelah meluncurkan original MV untuk [All Day Long] beberapa minggu yang lalu, kali ini ZE:A kembali meluncurkan MV lain untuk track yang sama, tapi kali ini adalah story version-nya. Baca lebih lanjut

Hyori’s [Chitty Chitty Bang Bang] MV Got Banned

16 Apr

MV terbaru Hyori, [Chitty Chitty Bang Bang], di-ban oleh KBS.

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