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SNSD’s [Run Devil Run] Performance on Dream Concert ;D

31 Mei


Download SNSD’s performance in FULL HD here —> kenhnghenhac.net (really, you are the blessing for all human kind! God bless you!!)

You cant hear their voices well in the performance =\ i dont know if it’s the poor quality of the sound system, mic, the loud chanting of fans, other stage effects, or because they lost their breath while doing sexy dances ;D Anyway, all of them look mighty fine! i love the outfit! ^^~  And Yoona looks maaaad sexy in it kkkk~

The file is in .tp format. You could play it with windows media player 😉 (at first i was confused because i’ve never known there is format like .tp, but apparently it means it’s ripped from TV..or something like that..anyway, just play it with windows media player kkkkkk)

SNSD’s [Run Devil Run] Story Version MV – Review

12 Apr

First, maafkan author karena review yang sangat terlambat ini 😀 soalnya baru sempet donlot tadi. Gile, setelah mengantisipasi MV ini selama berminggu-minggu, ternyata setelah liat MVnya, pandoracat jadi “oooooooooohhhhhhh”. Emang sih, dari review-review tentang MV ini yang udah pandoracat baca beberapa minggu yang lalu, MVnya gak wah-wah amat. Disappointing, even. Baca lebih lanjut

SNSD Wins Double Mutizen!

11 Apr

Acara Inkigayo minggu lalu tidak dapat ditayangkan karena tragedi kapal AL Korea Selatan, namun Inkigayo dapat kembali ditayangkan hari ini dan mengumumkan bahwa SNSD [RDR] adalah pemenang Mutizen untuk episode minggu lalu dan juga episode minggu ini! 🙂 That’s double Mutizen in one day! Daebak, SNSD!

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SNSD Wins MuBank

5 Apr

Karena peristiwa tragis yang menimpa naval ship Korea Selatan 2 minggu yang lalu, banyak acara musik yang ditunda penayangannya, termasuk Music Bank. Karena acara MuBank tanggal 2 April tersebut tidak ditayangkan, maka para fans tidak dapat mengetahui siapa pemenang Music Bank minggu tersebut. Untuk mengatasi hal ini, pada tanggal 5 April pihak dari Music Bank memasang pengumuman pemenangnya pada website resmi Music Bank. Baca lebih lanjut

SNSD’s [Run Devil Run] Lyrics (Korean+Romanization+English Translation)

24 Mar

If you haven’t listened to it shame on you :D, GO LISTEN TO IT!

If you haven’t watched the MV, GO WATCH IT! 🙂

Because SNSD is A MUST hahahahaha *forgive me for being such a fangirl*

If you have listened to it, and LOOOVE it like I do, let’s sing along! 😀

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SNSD Wins #1 in Inkigayo, New Concept MV, and Successfull Encore Concert!

28 Feb

LOL Why is the title so long? Coz your dear author just got home after a day roaming around the city, and just got the chance to lay her hands on the news. RAWKS. So it’s gonna be a 3-in-1 article 😀 Baca lebih lanjut