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Idol Pairings I Wish Were For Real :)

3 Jun

No, I’m not talking about pairings like JaeHo or YooSu or TaeNy or YulSic, though I’ll give an honorary mention later. ^^ These are the pairings of kpop idols that i wish were for real, because personally I think they really suit each other kkkk~

1. HyoRain

Let’s start it off with the senior couple ^^ Baca lebih lanjut

Yoongtaec, anyone?

31 Mei

^^ Eukekeke, first off, for OkCat fans, dont be hating on me.. kekeke for KhunA shipper, imo Taec suits Yoona better… for Yoona antis, dont bother reading this.

Oookay, I was never a fan of Yoona though SNSD is my heroines ^^ (my wife is Taeyeon)..And i still have complicated feelings about Taecyeon because I used to love him back in happy days of 2pm, but ever since 2pm controversies…let’s say i’m sorta affected by it. and i’m sure am not the only one experiencing it.

but ever since soshipm Cabi MV, i think i’m starting to fall for Yoona kkk~ she looks so totally gorgeous in the MV ^^ i mean yuri and seobaby are cute as hell too, but yoona is the main attention grabber here (and i still think yuri is quite plain hahaha sorry, still love her though!). And her romantic scenes with Taec are really…romantic ^^ the chemistry suits very well!  i even think that there is something real between them 🙂 okay, i was a bit jealous because taec seems to be so into yoona in the mv (whether it’s because of the script or maybe theres indeed something else kkkk) and yoona is so pretty, it’s just not fair kkkk. (not to add Heechul’s recent statement about yoona is the prettiest celeb he knows, beauty-to-attitude ratio. it’s just impossible not to be envious towards yoona  ^^ so i kinda understand how antifans feel kkkkk but really, i’d rather to have a positive enviousness than the negative one. antifans are dumb!)

so i ttlly ttlly approve of Yoongtaec (or Taecyoon, whichever floats your boat). they are meant to be together kkkk~ (plus! if yoona really dates taec, teukie wont go after her anymore T^T main reason why i’m jealous towards yoona). TAec is hot, yoona is goddess. ahhhh very very compatible couple!

with the recent development about Yoongtaec suspicious relationship, like when Taec gave Yoona perfume for her coming of age day, and the ab-dance he presented to Yoona in FO2, i’m more than convinced that Taec really has something for Yoona ^^ everyone knows Taec is into SNSD kkkk and if it is Yoona..then i guess it’s okay. theyre both hotties kkkkk~

Taec even said “I used to like Yuri, but now i liked Yoona” ❤

😀 awwww approve approve!!

Tiffany’s No Make Up Face Surprises Taecyeon And Junho

8 Mei

Untuk pertama kalinya, member SNSD, Tiffany, akan tampil di acara TV tanpa mengenakan make up.

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Love Triangle : Yoona, Taecyeon, Tiffany?

2 Mei

Because we love juicy love triangle, how about some spicy scandal between SNSD’s Yoona and Tiffany with 2PM’s mighty beast Ok Taecyeon? Baca lebih lanjut

Family Outing 2 Breaks Record

12 Apr

..Yeah..for the lowest rating ever in its own record 😦 AGB Media Research Korea menyatakan bahwa episode Family Outing 2 yang ditayangkan pada tanggal 11 April hanya memperoleh 5.6% rating, jauh lebih rendah dibandingkan ratingnya tanggal 29 Maret, yang hanya mencapai 7.5%.

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Rain : “Nobody can copy the way Taecyeon rips his clothes.”

11 Apr

Rain, the original beast, hari ini tampil di Inkigayo membawakan hit-nya [Love Song]. Tapi sebelum naik ke atas panggung, Rain sempat diundang untuk berbincang-bincang singkat dengan para MC, yaitu Wooyoung, Taecyeon, dan Sulli. Baca lebih lanjut

The Best Idol Turned Actor Is…

8 Apr

Penyanyi yang mulai mengejar karir di bidang akting sudah bukan hal baru lagi. Berderet-deret nama penyanyi telah mencoba melebarkan sayap mereka merambah dunia akting, beberapa berhasil dan tenar dengan pesat, sedangkan yang lainnya akhirnya harus mengakui bahwa akting bukanlah bidanya. Baru-baru ini majalah High Cut Korea melakukan survey yang dilangsungkan sejak tanggal 21 Maret sampai 28 Maret untuk mengetahui aktor manakah menurut netizens yang paling baik dalam berakting. Check out the result!

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