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Taeyeon’s [Song of The Sun] Promotional Clip

8 Apr

Telah dikabarkan sebelumnya bahwa leader SNSD, Kim Taeyeon, akan memulai debutnya dalam drama musikal dengan bermain dalam [Song of the Sun]. Berikut adalah clip singkat Taeyeon untuk mempromosikan drama musikal tersebut ^^. Check the cute leader here!

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Good and Bad Examples of SNSD (part 1: Taeyeon)

30 Mar

^___^ The fans are making good and bad examples of SNSD LOL talk about creative 🙂 Check the Good and Bad Examples of Taeyeon below :

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Taeyeon to Have Musical Debut!

26 Mar

Leader SNSD, Kim Taeyeon, akan berperan sebagai tokoh utama dalam sebuah drama musikal berjudul “Song of The Sun” yang akan dipentaskan pada bulan Mei mendatang di Seoul Sejong Cultural Center’s M Theater. Ini merupakan debut Taeyeon dalam drama musikal, dan Taeyeon telah dipilih untuk memerankan Kaoru, female leading role, dalam drama musikal ini.

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70 Things About Taeyeon

14 Mar

I just found this on Soshified 🙂

Karena pandoracat emang Taeyeon-mania banget, so this post is a must in my kpop blog 😀 Baca lebih lanjut

Most Wanted Idol to Spend Your White Day With…

11 Mar

Netizen melakukan voting untuk mengetahui idol manakah yang paling banyak dipilih sebagai pasangan White Day, dan… who sits at #1 for female and male brackets? ^__^

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Happy Birthday, Kim Taeyeon!

9 Mar

Our Kid Leader is celebrating her birthday today, March 9th 2010! 🙂 Kim Taeyeon is now 21 years old, but she doesnt seem older than a 16 years old girl! 😀 Stay young and fresh, Taeyeonnie!! You’re the cutest and dorkiest person alive and ILY forever!!

Anyway, I’m gonna be on hiatus for a while ==” so there’ll be no update at this site for the time being..But i won’t be disappearing for too long 🙂 so i hope this blog can be better and brighter after my hiatus..