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#Protect Super Junior!

31 Mei

I dont know why but it’s been trending on Twitter for hours already. Why? What happened to our Super Junior? Baca lebih lanjut

SNSD’s [Run Devil Run] Performance on Dream Concert ;D

31 Mei


Download SNSD’s performance in FULL HD here —> (really, you are the blessing for all human kind! God bless you!!)

You cant hear their voices well in the performance =\ i dont know if it’s the poor quality of the sound system, mic, the loud chanting of fans, other stage effects, or because they lost their breath while doing sexy dances ;D Anyway, all of them look mighty fine! i love the outfit! ^^~  And Yoona looks maaaad sexy in it kkkk~

The file is in .tp format. You could play it with windows media player 😉 (at first i was confused because i’ve never known there is format like .tp, but apparently it means it’s ripped from TV..or something like that..anyway, just play it with windows media player kkkkkk)

Leeteuk Said He Didn’t Like Wondergirls?

31 Mei

Euhahaha sorry for spamming with Teukie’s related posts ^^ (I love this guy thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ t much kkkkkk).

Wondergirls’ Yeeun said that she didn’t have a good first impression on Teukie ^^. Quoted from DKPOPNEWS :

On a recent recording of MBC Lee JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come to Play, Wonder Girls‘ YeEun revealed her first impression of Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

This episode was a special idol-packed episode with the Wonder Girls and Super Junior’s Heechul, Leeteuk, ShinDong, DongHae, and KyuHyun.

YeEun took this opportunity to reveal her first impression of Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, saying, “Our stylist during our Tell Me promotions passed by Super Junior’s waiting room when she heard Leeteuk say, ‘I don’t know why you like the Wonder Girls’. Our furious stylist then told us what he said so my first impression of Leeteuk wasn’t good.”

A flustered Leeteuk quickly replied, “This is a big misunderstanding. I have a Wonder Girls poster on my bedroom window. If I really didn’t like the Wonder Girls back then, I probably changed my mind right after.”

Euhahahaha xD Poor Teukie got misunderstood kkkkkk~ I’d like to watch this show to see how Teuk’s flustered face look like eukekekeke xD must be cute as hell awwwwwww~ my Teuk!! ❤ ==” (sorry for being such a fan girl)

Leeteuk Is A Fan Of Sunye?

31 Mei

Noooooooooo T.T

Read here.

Leeteuk is a fans of many girls kkkkkk xD he said before that he likes Yoona, and now he said he likes Sunye too? D< Teuk, why do u always tease me? didnt you propose me for a marriage just a while ago? *murdered by ELFs kkkk*~ but really T.T that makes me super jealous…. Haiks~ why do i fall for a guy who’s impossible for me to get XD kkkkk~ anyhoo, Teuk sure have HIGH taste in women ==” Yoona is arguably the most attractive member of SNSD (for me it iss and always be Kim Taeyeon) while Sunye is no doubt the prettiest in WG (well, for me).

KKkk i’m quoting allkpop “That’s kind of hilarious to imagine considering the fact that at the time, she was in elementary school and he was in high school.” —> eukekekekeke xD my cute adorkkable pedobear Teuk!! ❤

PS : I’d rather the photo above be :

kkkk xD ELFs, don’t kill me~ kkkk

Yoongtaec, anyone?

31 Mei

^^ Eukekeke, first off, for OkCat fans, dont be hating on me.. kekeke for KhunA shipper, imo Taec suits Yoona better… for Yoona antis, dont bother reading this.

Oookay, I was never a fan of Yoona though SNSD is my heroines ^^ (my wife is Taeyeon)..And i still have complicated feelings about Taecyeon because I used to love him back in happy days of 2pm, but ever since 2pm controversies…let’s say i’m sorta affected by it. and i’m sure am not the only one experiencing it.

but ever since soshipm Cabi MV, i think i’m starting to fall for Yoona kkk~ she looks so totally gorgeous in the MV ^^ i mean yuri and seobaby are cute as hell too, but yoona is the main attention grabber here (and i still think yuri is quite plain hahaha sorry, still love her though!). And her romantic scenes with Taec are really…romantic ^^ the chemistry suits very well!  i even think that there is something real between them 🙂 okay, i was a bit jealous because taec seems to be so into yoona in the mv (whether it’s because of the script or maybe theres indeed something else kkkk) and yoona is so pretty, it’s just not fair kkkk. (not to add Heechul’s recent statement about yoona is the prettiest celeb he knows, beauty-to-attitude ratio. it’s just impossible not to be envious towards yoona  ^^ so i kinda understand how antifans feel kkkkk but really, i’d rather to have a positive enviousness than the negative one. antifans are dumb!)

so i ttlly ttlly approve of Yoongtaec (or Taecyoon, whichever floats your boat). they are meant to be together kkkk~ (plus! if yoona really dates taec, teukie wont go after her anymore T^T main reason why i’m jealous towards yoona). TAec is hot, yoona is goddess. ahhhh very very compatible couple!

with the recent development about Yoongtaec suspicious relationship, like when Taec gave Yoona perfume for her coming of age day, and the ab-dance he presented to Yoona in FO2, i’m more than convinced that Taec really has something for Yoona ^^ everyone knows Taec is into SNSD kkkk and if it is Yoona..then i guess it’s okay. theyre both hotties kkkkk~

Taec even said “I used to like Yuri, but now i liked Yoona” ❤

😀 awwww approve approve!!

4Minute [Huh] (Lyric : Korean+Romanization+Translation)

25 Mei

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Leeteuk To Join Army Next Year?

24 Mei

T_T Oppa, noo~! huff, but as a Korean man..I guess you should do that…

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