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Map of Idol Dorms

14 Jun

I never know SNSD, F(x), 2AM, BEAST, and 4 Minute live in the same area! 😀

thanks to kueensora@ 4minute!!

Idols : Before and After Make Up

1 Jun

We all know idols are different, a bit or totally in some case, when you see them without their make up. Some idols, like Yoona or Lee Hyori, still manage to appear pretty even with their bare face, and some others like “insert-idol-name” (i was about to mention some names here, but to avoid problem, let’s just generalize them) unrecognizable once they wash off all their make up.

Here are my compilations of idols photos with and without make up. I think Wondergirls have the best looking bare face here. What do you think? Baca lebih lanjut

F(x) Talks About SNSD And Wondergirls

11 Mei

F(x), grup yang baru-baru ini mengadakan comeback dengan lagu terbaru mereka, [Nu Abo], mengatakan bahwa akhir-akhir girlgroup yang paling banyak disebut-sebut, atau menjadi topik pembicaraan adalah sunbae mereka, SNSD.

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F(x) Reveals Dorm Life

6 Mei

F(x) tampil pada acara SBS E!TV dan bercerita sedikit mengenai kehidupan mereka di dorm.

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F(x) [Nu Abo] MV Released

6 Mei

It’s May 6th ^^ Time to check out F(x)’s new MV [NU ABO]. What do you think?

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F(x) [Nu Abo] Hits #1

5 Mei

Segera setelah rilis, track terbaru F(x) [Nu Abo] menduduki posisi #1 pada berbagai chart musik di Korea. Baca lebih lanjut

Sulli Is Happy, [Nu Abo] Ranked High On Real Time Chart

4 Mei

Kkkk Sulli is always cute ^^ Begitu mengetahui track baru mereka [Nu Abo] menduduki tempat yang tinggi di online chart,  Sulli meninggalkan pesan di website resmi F(x) + cute selca. Baca lebih lanjut